• SmartRounds, Inc. will stay focused on protecting and defending the Constitutional rights of all Americans to bear arms. 
  • We will use our knowledge and understanding of non-lethal arms to promote their ownership and safe use. 
  • We will advance the development of non-lethal arms to further reduce the risk of injury to people.
  • We believe that our efforts over time will improve the safety of people worldwide.


  • To promote the rights of Americans to own, carry and use non-lethal arms.
  • To champion the use of safe and effective non-lethal arms.
  • To develop safe and effective non-lethal arms.
  • To educate and train citizens and law enforcement personnel in the safe and proper use of non-lethal arms.
  • To inform the public that they have choices in selecting non-lethal arms to defend themselves.
  • To ensure that citizens have the right to choose what type of arms they wish to own to defend themselves