SmartRounds Inc. has received a utility patent covering our non-lethal munitions. US Patent No: US 10,288,398  Non-Lethal Smart Weapon with Computer Vision. Our TREMOR incorporates these features.



A smart projectile fired from a suitable launcher and equipped with a digital camera, CPU microprocessor and computer vision programming that can recognize a designated target and track a moving target, while moving at high speed. An image dataset of the target stored in memory of the CPU that enables the projectile to recognize a human or small UAV “drone” in real time within fractions of a second.  A steering and braking system comprising several fins/air brakes, controlled by the CPU and MEMS micro-actuators, that enable the projectile to track a moving target or slow the projectile down. A projectile equipped with actuators that dispenses a non-lethal, non-impact payload or payloads as the projectile approaches the target.