TREMOR  (Tetanizing Remote Electro-Muscular Optical Round) is a patented, 40mm non-lethal, non-impact, microprocessor-controlled "EMI" electro-muscular incapacitation conduced electrical handheld defensive weapon "CEW". These smart rounds will deliver a high voltage microprocessor-controlled electroshock pulse which has the capability to disable a human target with minimal risk of significant injury. Some refer to it as a "TASER®   bullet.

They are equipped with AI-based computer vision with object detection, object tracking, proximity detection, a high voltage battery, and two 3-prong electrodes shown below. They are fired from 40mm launchers. TREMOR  is a non-impact round since only the probes contact the target. The activation of the probes slows the light weight round down to zero velocity keeping the round from hitting the target.