TREMOR  (Tetanizing Remote Electro-Muscular Optical Round) is a patented, non-lethal, non-impact, microprocessor-controlled "EMI" electro-muscular incapacitation conduced electrical handheld defensive weapon "CEW". These 25mm smart rounds will deliver a high voltage microprocessor-controlled electroshock pulse which has the capability to disable a human target with minimal risk of injury. Safe and effective  non-lethal weapon suitable for use by the Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, and Private Citizens.

They are equipped with AI-based computer vision proximity detection, micro servo-operated moveable fins, a solid-state, high voltage battery, and two 3-prong electrodes shown below. They are fired from our VIPER  smart rifle launcher. TREMOR  is a non-impact round since only the probes contact the target. The activation of the probes slows the light weight round down to zero velocity keeping the round from hitting the target. The round detects and tracks a moving target using AI, until it reaches the target.