We are presently developing the TREMOR (Tetanizing Remote Electro-Muscular Optical Round). It is a 40mm wireless, non-impact, non-lethal, "HEMI" human electro-muscular incapacitation conduced electrical defensive weapon with an on-board optical guidance system. These rounds will deliver a high voltage microprocessor-controlled electroshock pulse which has the capability to disable a human target with minimal risk of significant injury. Some refer to it as a "TASER®   bullet. It will be fired from a M320 launcher and has a 100 meter range. TREMOR uses on-board computer vision that object detects and object tracks the target until it reaches the target. The active aerodynamics (fins/air brakes) has the ability to change the trajectory of the round or change its velocity while in flight. Computer vision is machine learning and a form of artificial intelligence "AI". These rounds will be available in 40mm caliber and are also being developed in smaller 12-gauge (18mm) format.

US Marine with 40mm M320 Launcher Mounted Under M4 Rifle

Assailant Being Object Tracked

Future 40mm Gas Powered Launcher with Revolving Magazine