We are presently developing the TREMOR™ (Tetanizing Remote Electro-Muscular Optical Round). It is a 40mm wireless, non-impact, non-lethal, "HEMI" human electro-muscular incapacitation conduced electrical defensive weapon with an on-board optical guidance system. These rounds will deliver a high voltage microprocessor-controlled electroshock pulse which has the capability to disable a human target with minimal risk of significant injury. Some refer to it as a "TASER®   bullet. It will be fired from a M320 launcher and has a 100 meter range. TREMOR™ uses on-board computer vision that object recognizes and object tracks the target until it reaches the target.

US Marine with M320 Launcher Mounted Under M4 Rifle

Combatant Being Object Tracked

Assailant Being Object Tracked