SmartRounds are smart bullets designed to offer an alternative to small caliber weapons but with sufficient stopping power to disable an assailant or combatant. These active projectiles are fired from custom 12-gauge shotguns, 40mm M320 grenade launchers, our custom 18mm gas pistol, or our custom 40mm compressed gas launchers.

The microprocessor algorithm along with the CMOS optical sensor determines that the smart bullet is close to the target and activates the payload millisecs before it reaches the target utilizing our patented air burst technology. Six smart bullets are patented and are presently under development, including our innovative

TREMOR (Tetanizing Remote Electro-Muscular Optical Round). It will be a long range, wireless, non-lethal, conduced electrical weapon (CEW). These rounds will deliver a high voltage microprocessor-controlled electroshock pulse which has the capability to disable a human target with minimal risk of significant injury.

SmartRounds™ smart bullets are a revolutionary new class of non-impact, non-lethal smart projectiles that will give Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security firms, Border Patrol, and even private citizens a safe and effective self-defense and crowd/riot control weapon. All of our products will be made in the USA.

These smart projectiles use our proprietary high-speed computer vision SmartVision to activate the rounds before they reach the target. The microprocessor algorithms determine in real time that the smart bullet is close to the target and activate the round’s payload millisecs before it reaches the target, and can change projectile velocity or trajectory in flight while focusing in on the target. SmartVision also has the capability of recognizing if the target is armed or not.