SmartRounds™ are a totally new class of smart non-lethal projectiles that can be fired from our custom 18mm/40mm gas launchers, 12 gauge shotguns, or 40mm grenade launchers , and will give the US Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Border Patrol, Security, and others a choice.

SmartRounds™ are patent-pending, microprocessor-controlled 18mm/40mm rounds equipped with MEMS devices and optical sensors that are "fire and forget". Each projectile performs a different function. Nine smart versions (anti-personnel and anti-vehicle) are presently under development. We are continuing to work on other unique rounds that are effective in stopping an assailant, combatant or unmanned aerial vehicle.

SmartRounds™ will revolutionize the munitions industry and will pave the way for replacing lethal weapons in those situations where deadly force is not needed or wanted. This will represent a paradigm shift for law enforcement from lethal/less-lethal to truly non-lethal weapons.

The following YouTube video is a computer animation of several SmartRounds in action.

SmartRounds™ projectiles are smart bullets designed to offer an alternative to small caliber weapons but with strong stopping power to disable an assailant or combatant. These smart projectiles along with 12 gauge shotguns or our gas powered launchers, make up a hand-held, non-lethal weapon system with a price point that makes it affordable to equip most warfighters with non-lethal smart munitions.

HemiRounds - Electro-muscular incapacitation 18mm/40mm smart round that is long range, wireless, long duration, non-lethal custom HEMI effect electronic controlled projectiles. These "fire and forget" rounds deliver two smart, innovative electrical probes that have the capability to disable a target with minimal risk of significant injury. Only the probes make contact with the target. Note: The 40mm non-impact round shown is without its proprietary and confidential "active"aerodynamic components.

ShockRounds and PepperRounds are two SmartRounds that can be fired from our 18mm (.70 caliber) gas powered pistol. This combination makes for an excellent hand-held, non-lethal defensive weapon.


DroneRounds are 40mm kinetic anti-UAV munitions that are fired from our 40mm gas launchers at high velocity. This patent-pending smart bullet impacts the drone with sufficient kinetic energy to disable it, or deploys a carbon fiber net to ensnare the drone's props.These smart bullets are a revolutionary new class of smart “fire and forget” projectiles that will give Military and Law Enforcement the ability to deal with threatening unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones.

"Small armed unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming increasing threatening to the USA and other countries around the world. Our smart anti-drone munitions offer a safe and effective means to neutralize this threat." states Nick Verini - CEO/President - SmartRounds, Inc.



The following are other 18mm and 40mm SmartRounds™ under development;

      •   FlashRounds
  •   RepelRounds
  •   StrikerRounds
  •   SoundRounds