SAVAGE™ missiles are a patented, high-speed, long-range, self-guided missiles that can detect, track, disable or destroy, small enemy drones, and are fired out of multi-round ground based, mobile, or tactical aerial launchers. They are “fire and forget”, autonomous, highly maneuverable, and can track UAVs at speeds of up to Mach 1.0. They are equipped with electro-optical and infrared sensors for day/night operation, on-board communications, and utilize ultra high-speed microprocessors for AI-based computer vision detection and tracking.They are well suited for mitigating a “swarm” of small drones since they can be fired rapidly and in large numbers from launchers. The SAVAGE™ smart C-UAS missile system offers a safe and cost-effective means to neutralize these threats.

We have formed a strategic partnership with Savage Corp working with them on AI-based computer vision development.

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