Our SAVAGE (Smart Anti-Vehicle Aerial Guided Engagement) 40mm patented microprocessor-controlled guided missile is designed to disable or destroy a small enemy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle "UAV" or drone using kinetic energy impact, or net and parachute.

The missile is made primarily of COTS (commercial-off-the shelf) electronic components, carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass parts to keep the costs low, while maintaining the highest quality possible. This ensures that the buyer will receive an extremely reliable and robust product.

SAVAGE has been designed using aerodynamic computer simulation, and tested in our wind tunnel for maximum range, velocity and maneuverability. They will be fired from our 360 degree 6-tube tripod mounted launcher or our 64-tube turret launcher (stationary or truck mounted) as a surface-to-air missile using a wireless remote control. The missiles and either launcher can be activated and fired quickly by one soldier or marine. SAVAGE uses on-board computer vision with proprietary algorithms that detects and tracks the target after being launched until it reaches the target, keeping the UAV in its "sights" by means of MEMS activated canards. This capability incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence,"AI".. AI algorithms also give multiple SAVAGE missiles the ability to communicate with each other in flight to maximize their effectiveness in dealing with a “swarm”. The missiles are equipped with a metal tipped nose cone for maximum impact effectiveness, and a net and parachute to safely return the drone and missile to the ground for safe recovery if needed.

SAVAGE can be launched as a long range, high velocity (350 mph ~ 550 km/hr), highly maneuverable surface-to air and surface-to-surface or air-to-air and air-to-surface guided missile using an aerial launch system such as our SAVAGE UAV. Six SAVAGE missiles can be mounted in the belly making the SAVAGE UAV a six-x force multiplier. These smart missiles with on-board electro-optical day/night guidance systems and will give airports, embassies, government buildings, power grids, convoys, factories, oil refineries, pipelines, stadiums, etc. the ability to defend against an attack by armed enemy drones at long range, 24/7 in extreme weather conditions.

There are many RF/GPS jamming systems on the market today but they are not going to be enough to stop an attack by a "swarm" of autonomous enemy drones. For a realistic swarm attack watch the movie Angel Has Fallen. It depicts 100 suicide drones flying in formation, communicating and attacking armed personnel on the ground. Using multi-million dollar jamming systems, like MADIS, or high powered microwave systems like THOR, or even ground-based laser weapons, are not the answer. It is going to take a multi-round, "fire and forget" solution like SAVAGE.

“Terrorists are using small armed “suicide” drones to attack oil refineries and oil pipelines in the Middle East. Others have used drones to disrupt airports in the UK. Small armed unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming increasing threatening to the USA and other countries around the world. Our smart anti-drone SAVAGE munitions offer a safe and cost-effective means to neutralize these threats." states Nick Verini – CEO/President


"Suicide" Drone Being Detected and Tracked

SAVAGE 64-Tube Launcher