Our SAVAGE (Smart Anti-Vehicle Aerial or Ground Engagement) 40mm patented microprocessor-controlled guided missile is designed to disable or destroy a small enemy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle "UAV" or drone using kinetic energy impact. They can be fired from our 40mm tripod-mounted 6-round, 64-round truck-mounted mobile launcher or from another UAV . The launchers have a 360 degree coverage and are operated by a handheld remote control. The US Military also refers to small drones as small Unmanned Aerial Systems or "sUAS". SAVAGE uses on-board computer vision with proprietary algorithms that object recognizes and object tracks the target until it reaches the target.

These smart missiles with on-board guidance systems are fired at high velocity and will give airports, embassies, government buildings, power grids, convoys, factories, oil refineries, pipelines, stadiums, etc. the ability to defend against an attack by armed enemy drones at long range, 24/7 in extreme weather conditions.


There are many RF/GPS jamming systems on the market today but they are not going to be enough to stop an attack by a "swarm" of enemy drones. Using multi-million dollar jamming systems, like MADIS or high powered microwave systems like THOR, or ground-based laser weapons, are not the answer, neither are million dollar missiles like PATRIOT or HAWK. It is going to take a small, mobile, inexpensive kinetic solution like SAVAGE. For the cost of ONE PATRIOT air-defense system America could have HUNDREDS of SAVAGE systems installed.