Our SAVAGE (Smart Anti-Vehicle Aerial Guided Engagement) weapon system is designed to capture, disable or destroy  small enemy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles "UAVs" or drones, and incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence "AI". Our proprietary computer vision algorithms along with an electro-optical day/night sensor allows the tactical RaptorDrone to follow the target autonomously and deploy up to six supersonic SAVAGE missiles. RaptorDrone is a microprocessor controlled, electric ducted fan, tactical STOL with 1-2 hour flight time and 125 mph speed, giving our missiles extended range and 24/7 day/night coverage.

SAVAGE products have been designed using aerodynamic computer simulation, and tested in our wind tunnel for maximum range, velocity and maneuverability. The rocket propelled missiles "RPM" are equipped with a metal tipped nose cone for maximum impact effectiveness, and a net and parachute to safely return the drone and missile to the ground for safe recovery if needed. RaptorDrone can patrol a predetermined area autonomously and fire missiles at a combined velocity of Mach 1. SAVAGE will give airports, embassies, government buildings, power grids, convoys, factories, oil refineries, pipelines, stadiums, etc. the ability to defend against an attack by armed enemy drones at long range, 24/7 in extreme weather conditions.

There are many RF/GPS jamming systems on the market today but they are not going to be enough to stop an attack by a "swarm" of autonomous enemy drones. Using multi-million dollar jamming systems, like MADIS, or high powered microwave systems like THOR, or even ground-based laser weapons, are not the answer. It is going to take a "launch and forget" solution like SAVAGE.


The SAVAGE 25mm missile is a very high-velocity (Mach 1.0) rocket propelled missile "RPM" equipped with a metal tip, and net and parachute to safely return the enemy UAV to the ground.

SAVAGE missiles can be launched accurately air-to-air using the RaptorDrone's powerful high-speed microprocessor and computer vision algorithms.  

The RaptorDrone has a 4-foot wingspan. It is based on the F-22 Raptor and is highly maneuverable.

The SAVAGE 40mm missile is a high-velocity (Mach 0.5) rocket propelled missile "RPM" equipped with a metal tip, and net and parachute to safely return the enemy UAV to the ground. It uses on-board computer vision with proprietary algorithms that detects and tracks the target after being launched until it reaches the target, keeping the UAV in its "sights" by means of MEMS activated canards.

This capability incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence,"AI". They will be fired from our RPM-2 shoulder-fired, single-tube launcher or our SwarmDefense 64-tube turret launcher (stationary or truck mounted) as a surface-to-air missile using a wireless remote control.


Fixed wing "suicide" drone being tracked

Enemy UAV being detected and tracked. Payload detection has determined that this drone is a "foe".

For a realistic "swarm" attack watch the trailer below for the movie "Angel Has Fallen". It depicts 100 suicide drones flying in formation, communicating and attacking armed personnel on the ground. RF/GPS jammers, lasers and microwave weapons are not going to be able to stop this type of attack. It is going to take a fast, quick reacting system like SAVAGE.