ProxiRounds are non-lethal, non-impact, microprocessor controlled, computer vision equipped 18mm projectiles that can disable a person without causing them bodily harm. They are equipped with computer vision proximity detection and activate a payload just before reaching the target. They are fired from our XEMI compressed gas launcher. They are available in several versions and are all covered by a SmartRounds, Inc. patent.

The GRAPHENE round is equipped with a fine, lightweight, extremely strong, carbon fiber bola cord that wraps around and disables the target from moving until Law Enforcement can apprehend the suspect.

The TEARENT round (Tears, Eyes, Nose and Throat) is equipped with OC (oleoresin capsicum) that disperses before reaching the target and disables the target for several minutes.

The MALODOR round is equipped with a powerful malodorant liquid that sprays on the target just before reaching the target. This noxious smelling agent is excellent in controlling a hostile target.