The PHASER (Positive Hyper Action Super Electric Round) non-lethal, microprocessor-controlled "shock" or "stun" round is the little brother to our TREMOR round and is currently under development.

This conducted electrical 18mm projectile is equipped with a digital camera that uses computer vision for proximity detection. As the fired round approaches the target it deploys a wired three-prong electrode with touch sensors. The electrode grabs the target and when sufficient pressure is applied and sensed the microprocessor delivers a high voltage pulse disabling the target. It will be fired from either the small hand-held 2-round PHASER launcher as shown on the left, or the gas-powered 12-round rifle shown below.


1. Microprocessor-controlled "shock" round

2. Light-weight construction

3. Low-impact energy

4. On-board digital camera with proximity detection

5. Safe 3-prong electrode with touch sensors

6. 50,000 volt pulse generator

7. Lithium ion battery power

8. 5-50 or 5-100 foot range

9. Gas-powered launchers (nitrogen or CO2) for private citizens, law enforcement and military