FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                              February 11, 2019



ERIE, CO – SmartRounds, Inc. “SRI” of Erie, Colorado announced today that they have been awarded a US patent for a “Non-Lethal Smart Weapon with Computer Vision” for human and unmanned aerial vehicles “drone” targets.

SmartRounds smart bullets are an innovative new class of non-lethal smart projectiles that will give Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security firms, Border Patrol, and Private Citizens a safe and effective self-defense handheld weapon.

Our SmartVision is a microprocessor-controlled computer vision system, with object recognition and object tracking that allows the smart bullet to follow the target after it leaves the launcher by adjusting the bullet’s aerodynamics and changing its trajectory. This ensures that the projectile will reach its target if the target moves, or if the operator’s aim is off. These patented 18mm/40mm smart projectiles use MEMS micro-electro-mechanical technology and an optical sensor to activate the projectiles before they reach the target. The projectile disables or disarms the combatant or assailant without causing injury.

These lightweight smart bullets are designed to be fired from standard 12-gauge shotguns or our compressed gas powered launchers at high speed with a 100-meter range. SmartRounds will revolutionize the munitions industry and will pave the way for replacing lethal weapons in those situations where deadly force is not needed or wanted. This will represent a paradigm shift for law enforcement from lethal/less-lethal to truly non-lethal weapons.

Our SkyVision launcher system utilizing our patented 40mm anti-drone smart projectiles, DroneRounds, and our automatic launcher system will also allow Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security to deal with “swarms” of small armed UAVs threatening airports, stadiums, and other public facilities. These high-speed, one-kilometer range projectiles will capture or destroy the drones in flight at a safe distance. The SkyVision system can be easily integrated into a number of detection and surveillance systems available today.

 “Smart non-lethal weapons are the future. We should arm our law enforcement officers with our non-lethal weapon systems and those should be the first the officer uses when necessary. This action would go a long way to improving relations between the police and the local community.

In addition, armed enemy drones attacking in “swarms” will soon become a real threat to the USA and other countries, and we will be prepared to deal with them. states Nick Verini – CEO/President.

All SRI products will be produced in the USA and will initially be available to the US Military and Law Enforcement agencies. Contact Nick Verini at or 303-828-3181 for additional information.