SmartRoundsalong with standard 12 gauge shotguns or our 18mm gas powered launchers are designed to fill a critical gap in the use of force and to provide law enforcement officers the safest, most effective tools in a variety of applications. These weapons help officers gain control of the suspect's fear, encouraging them to surrender, de-escalating the situation and reducing the number of use-of-force incidents. If you have to shoot, you have multiple rounds at the ready. It also gives the law enforcement officer a choice depending on the situation. He or she can use deadly force if necessary, or effective non-lethal force if the situation permits. 

Other Needs

“We should arm our law enforcement officers with our non-lethal weapons and those weapons should be the first the officer uses when necessary. This action would go a long way to improving relations between police and the local community."

  states Nick Verini - CEO/President SmartRounds, Inc.