SmartRounds™ projectiles are smart bullets designed to offer an alternative to small caliber weapons but with strong stopping power to disable an assailant or combatant. These active projectiles are fired from 12 gauge shotguns, our custom 18mm/40mm compressed gas launchers, or from M203/M320 40mm grenade launchers and will give the US Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Border Patrol, Security, and others a choice.

18mm/12 Gauge Launchers

40mm Launchers

The SmartRounds™ rifle launcher (SR40) under development is a 6 round, semi-automatic, mag-fed, 40mm compressed gas powered launcher that fires our 40mm projectiles. This launcher will provide a safe, effective non-lethal payload delivery with flight stable and accurate delivery at extended ranges.

Our 40mm SmartRounds™ projectiles can be fired from M203 or M320 launchers as shown. These special 40mm NATO rounds are equipped with high-speed SmartVision™ computer vision. The active aerodynamic components of the M203/M320 rounds are contained in the rear of the projectile and deploy after the round is fired.