SmartRounds 20mm variable velocity SVP-20 (Smart Variable Velocity Pistol) gas pistol launcher. This microprocessor controlled, magazine-fed pistol uses an ultra-compact laser rangefinder and servo-operated valve to vary the chamber pressure and muzzle velocity of the D-shaped smart rounds. It is powered by a compact HP nitrogen gas cylinder (shown below). It gives the three different SmartRounds an effective range of 5-100 meters.

The variable velocity feature allows the SVP-20 to be effective at various distances. It decreases the muzzle velocity of the round at close range - 5 meters, and increases the velocity of the round for long range - 100 meters.

Loaded with SmartRounds the SVP-20 is suitable for use by the Military, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Corrections, and Homeowners.

XEMI round using proximity detection and activating before reaching combatant