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Our Team

Nick Verini

SmartRounds Technology, LLC is headquartered in Erie, CO and but has several team members in different locations across the USA.

Nick Verini is a Mechanical Engineer. He received his BSME from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He also has a MBA from Rutgers University. He was the founder and principal engineer at Nitronics Systems, Inc. which designed and manufactured microprocessor controlled nitrogen generators. In 2010 Nick formed SmartRounds Technology, LLC “SRT” and he began building various prototypes of smart bullets that could stop an attacker without being lethal. After four years and many hours of engineering design, building and testing, Nick applied for patents on SmartRounds. Nick is located in the Denver Metro area.


Tim Lyons

Tim Lyons is a former US Marine. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC assigned to the 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment (better known as “The Walking Dead”) Company C as a rifleman. Lyons has completed two combat tours to Afghanistan. He was honorably discharged after serving four years and is currently living in Utah. Tim’s role now is to test SmartRounds in various situations and to bring his military experience to our smart bullet development. Tim will also be our military liaison with the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate “JNLWD” located at Quantico, VA

Vincent Edward

Vincent Edward is a senior lab technician and has completed studies in Electromechanical Technology including CMOS/MEMS electronics and was responsible for building and testing the microprocessor controlled nitrogen generators for Nitronics Systems, Inc. His role at SmartRounds Technology is to build and test prototypes of our SmartRounds. Vincent is also responsible for all CAD output and 3D printer prototypes. Vincent is located in the Denver Metro area

Cheryl Toomey

Cheryl Toomey is a Registered Nurse and will be responsible for Human Effects Testing in-house and at independent labs. Cheryl has worked in the ER at hospitals and would have experienced the detrimental effects and long term rehabilitation required for persons who have suffered a bullet or knife wound, or blunt force trauma. She will be researching the human effects and performance of less-lethal and non-lethal weapons on various subjects and will be working with other SRT technicians to verify testing results. She will also be responsible for overseeing our high speed camera work and obtaining third party certification. She will be located in the Denver Metro area.

Concurrent Technologies


Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization. Together with our affiliates, Enterprise Ventures Corporation and CTC Foundation, we leverage research, development, test and evaluation work to provide transformative, full lifecycle solutions. To best serve our client's needs, we offer the complete ability to fully design, develop, test, prototype, and build. CTC will be providing SRT with engineering services including prototyping and pre-production. CTC is headquartered in Johnstown, PA. 

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