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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                               June 15, 2017



ERIE, CO - SmartRounds Technology, LLC “SRT” of Erie, Colorado announced today their newest addition to their product line, their LifeSaver gas powered smart launcher. The LifeSaver launcher is a patent-pending, micro-controlled launcher that will fire non-lethal SmartRounds. The launcher is gas powered, so no gunpowder is involved, making it safer, quieter to operate, and with a low recoil. It has a number of innovative smart features such as; microprocessor control, rechargeable battery pack, electronic trigger and much more that sets it apart from any non-lethal, hand held weapon on the market.

“We should arm our law enforcement officers with our non-lethal weapons and those weapons should be the first the officer uses when necessary. This action would go a long way to improving relations between police and the local community. states Nick Verini - CEO SmartRounds Technology.

SmartRoundssmart bullets are a new class of smart projectiles that will give Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security firms, and the Border Patrol a choice. These smart projectiles are safe and effective and use MEMS micro-electro-mechanical technology and a custom CMOS image sensor to activate the projectiles before they reach the target. The microprocessor along with the CMOS image sensor determines that the smart bullet is close to the target and activates the round millisecs before it hits the target utilizing our patent-pending air burst technology.

A computer animation showing two of our non-lethal smart rounds in action is available now on YouTube. A live demonstration video will be available on YouTube soon.

Visit us at www.smartrounds.com for further details.

All of our SmartRounds Technology products will be produced in the USA.


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