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Non-Lethal SmartRounds


SmartRounds are smart bullets designed to offer an alternative to small caliber weapons but with sufficient stopping power to disable an assailant or combatant. These active projectiles are fired from standard 12 gauge shotguns or our custom 18mm compressed gas launchers.

The microprocessor algorithm along with the CMOS image sensor determines that the smart bullet is close to the target and activates the round millisecs before it hits the target utilizing our patent-pending air burst technology.

SmartRounds™ are a patent-pending smart payload delivery system (PDS). Each payload performs a different function. We are continuing to work on other unique payloads that are effective in stopping an attacker or moving vehicle.

Eight SmartRounds are patent-pending and are presently under development:

 Counter - Personnel

  • ShockRounds - Nitrogen gas shock wave
  • PepperRounds - Pepper powder - Disabling
  • HemiRounds - Electro-muscular incapacitation
  • RepelRounds - Malodorant - Personnel/Area denial
  • StrikerRounds - Blunt impact - Safe and effective
  • FlashRounds - Non-pyrotechnic flash-bang - Sound and light
  • SoundRounds - Acoustic piercing sound - Personnel/Area denial

 Counter - Vehicle

  • VisualRounds - Visual impairment - Vehicle area denial

Two SmartRounds with 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells









40mm Non-Lethal Smart Projectiles

We are looking to use our “core technology” to develop 40mm non-lethal smart projectiles for the Military and Law Enforcement. These have the advantage over 18mm caliber rounds of carrying a much larger payload and can be fired from existing 40mm launchers. They would be equipped with the same technology and would be very effective in handling crowds, rather than individuals.

Concept 40mm Smart Projectile

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