SAVAGE 16-tube surface-to-air launcher. Fires our non-lethal, long-range 50mm guided missiles to mitigate a "swarm" of enemy drones. Can operate in extreme weather conditions and provide 24/7 automatic coverage. It is tripod-mounted and equipped with long-range electro-optical day/night and infrared sensors and computer vision (object detection, object tracking).


The TREMOR Bullpup pistol is a handheld non-lethal, non-impact, directed energy defensive device to be used by Military, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Corrections, Homeowners, and others. This device will deliver a focused electro-muscular incapacitation pulse at a range of up to 100 feet. This device is in the early stages of development. Patent pending.



The worldwide demand for effective non-lethal weapon systems is strong and immediate. We believe that with our innovative, unique and patented products we offer an affordable and effective answer. A recent industry study has projected the global market for non-lethal weapons to reach $10.3 billion by the year 2025."

Nick Verini - CEO/President- SmartRounds, Inc.


Due to the coronavirus outbreak we have decided to modify our operations to a virtual office environment effective immediately. This will not slow our product development in any way and will allow our team to continue to function effectively in these changing times.


Nick Verini - CEO/President - SmartRounds, Inc. March 16, 2020