These smart projectiles use our proprietary high-speed computer vision SmartVision to activate the rounds before they reach the target. The microprocessor algorithms determine in real time that the smart bullet is close to the target and activate the round’s payload millisecs before it reaches the target, and can change projectile velocity or trajectory in flight while focusing in on the target.

Newest addition to our family of SmartRounds is our non-lethal, microprocessor-controlled HemiRound with an innovative waveform generator. The patent-pending HemiRound is a 18mm, wireless, human electro-muscular incapacitation projectile fired from a standard 12-gauge shotgun and has a minimum safe range of 5 meters and a maximum effective range of 100+ meters. It is equipped with SmartVision and capable of changing velocity and tracking a moving human target. It is a non-impact round and only the two “smart” electrodes contact the human body eliminating the risk of significant injury.