We are presently developing the FLASH. It is a patented 40mm non-impact, non-lethal, multi-round flash-bang defensive weapon with an on-board electro-optical guidance system. These rounds will deliver nine flash bangs which have the capability to disable one or more human targets with minimal risk of significant injury. It will be fired from a M320 launcher and has a 100 meter range. FLASH uses on-board computer vision that object detects and object tracks the target until it reaches the target.

The active aerodynamics (moveable fins/air brakes) has the ability to change the trajectory of the round or change its velocity while in flight. It is also equipped with proximity detection which allows the projectile to deploy the flash bangs as it approaches the target. Computer vision is machine learning and a form of artificial intelligence "AI". These rounds will be available in 40mm caliber and are also being developed in smaller 12-gauge (18mm) format.

Future 40mm Gas Powered Launcher with Revolving Magazine

12-Gauge Shotgun for Future 18mm FLASH rounds