Our automatic multi-round launcher system utilizing our patented 40mm anti-drone smart projectiles, will allow Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security to deal with “swarms” of small armed UAVs threatening airports, stadiums, and other public facilities.

These SkyWarrior high-speed, one-kilometer range projectiles will capture or destroy the drones in flight at a safe distance. This launcher system can be easily integrated into a number of detection and surveillance systems available today.

SmartVision object recognition and tracking can not only recognize if the object is an unmanned aerial vehicle but also if the UAV is carrying a payload, and possibly what type of payload. This is important since these small drones are being used not only for surveillance but as aerial lethal weapons, and are becoming an increasing threat according to Homeland Security. Existing RF and GPS jammers are not going to be able to stop autonomous drones in the future.

SkyWarrior will give our nation "The Power To Defend" and will be capable of mitigating a variety of sophisticated small enemy drones. A few current drones are shown below.