We at SRI are strong supporters of the 2nd amendment. However, we believe it is time for law-abiding Americans to have a safe, effective and non-lethal choice for defending themselves. We strongly believe that the best answer to "gun control" is to give people non-lethal options.


Americans should continue to have the right to own and carry lethal arms for hunting and self-defense. They should also have the right to own and carry non-lethal weapons.

Tasers®, stun guns, and pepper spray are generally safe, and can be effective under certain situations, but many citizens are looking for a better solution with sufficient stopping power to disable an assailant. We believe that smart, non-lethal, hand-held weapons such as SmartRounds™ offer that solution, and will give them a better choice and "The Power To Defend"

Most security personnel are not armed with lethal weapons, putting them at great risk when confronting armed criminals. Equipping them with our non-lethal rounds and launchers would improve the situation dramatically..

Our SmartRoundsare equipped with SmartVision which ensures that the round will reach the target, even if the shooter's aim is off or the intended target is moving fast.