SmartRounds Inc. is a USA company headquartered in Erie, Colorado. We have been developing smart non-impact, non-lethal projectiles since 2015. Our focus has been on smart rounds equipped with computer vision, along with smart rifle and concealed pistol launchers.

                                                          Our Purpose

To protect and defend the 2nd amendment rights of American citizens to bear arms. To promote the rights of Americans to own, carry and use non-lethal arms. To develop safe and effective non-lethal arms. To educate and train citizens and law enforcement personnel in the safe and proper use of non-lethal arms. To produce studies on what non-lethal arms are available and evaluate those arms including SmartRounds for safety and effectiveness. To inform the public based on this research that they have choices in selecting non-lethal arms to defend themselves. To lobby State and Federal law makers to pass laws that allow citizens to own, carry, and use non-lethal arms. To ensure that citizens have the right to choose what type of arms they wish to own to defend themselves. To champion the use of non-lethal arms. To educate the public on the advantages of non-lethal arms.

Nick Verini