Smart Non-Lethal Munitions

SmartRounds™ are a totally new class of smart non-lethal projectiles that can be fired from our custom 18mm/40mm gas launchers, 12 gauge shotguns, or 40mm grenade launchers , and will give the US Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Border Patrol, Security, Private Citizens, and others a choice.

SmartRounds™ are patent-pending, microprocessor-controlled 18mm/40mm rounds that are "fire and forget". Each projectile performs a different function. Nine smart versions (anti-personnel and anti-vehicle) are presently under development. We are continuing to work on other unique rounds that are effective in stopping an assailant or combatant. 

SmartRounds™ will revolutionize the munitions industry and will pave the way for replacing lethal weapons in those situations where deadly force is not needed or wanted. This will represent a paradigm shift for law enforcement from lethal/less-lethal to truly non-lethal weapons.


Notice: The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) is providing the DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Program with science and technology, research and development, as well as test and evaluation of non-lethal weapons to support current and future warfighter requirements.


SmartRounds Projectile Stopping Combatant




Police Officer Firing SmartRounds Projectile at Assailant

SmartRounds - Effective Anti-UAV Munitions

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